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About Me

Hi! I'm Sonav Agarwal, a senior at Mountain View High School in Silicon Valley. My resume is here.

I love learning, coding, art, swimming, and helping others. I frequently apply my interests in these areas to various projects I work on. It is a passion of mine to use my computer science and design skills to help others!

For example, during distance learning, I noticed that many students were stressed because they had to manage multiple class zoom links, so I created a web app to organize them. I shared the app with my classmates, helping dozens of people.


I've competed in Speech and Debate at MVLASD for 3 years. This year, I qualified to the Tournament of Champions in Public Forum with a gold and a silver bid. I'm also the PR committee chair in the club leadership.

I am the lead organizer for MVHacks 5.0. and I am the vice president of the MVHS Computer Science club.

I play for the MVHS sports teams. I started swimming early on and have played water polo and swam for the school for three years.

My Story

I started coding in Scratch when I was eight, and have loved it ever since. Now, I've taken CS courses, led CS clubs, and participated in hackathons. I am also a graphic design enthusiast. Whether it's mocking up an app, creating a flyer, or making a Minecraft skin, I love turning ideas into designs. I have taken multiple classes and I've used my artistic abilities in schoolwork, projects, and as the PR officer for many clubs, I use my creative skills for marketing.

In my free time, I love speedrunning Minecraft or playing games with my friends.

Work / Projects

Connection Circle

A web app to develop simple yet effective concept maps.

Coin Catchers 3D

A game created for my Advanced CS class.

A multiplayer Java game created for my Advanced CS class.

Schedule Link

A web app to help MVHS students organize zoom links and homework.

Java Swing Components

A web app to help Computer Science students easily make interfaces fo their projects.

Lon Capa Beautify

An extension to improve the UI of an education program.

Daily Log Simplifier

A program to help students in MVHS CS classes.

APCS Final Projects

Two games created for my AP CS class.


Submissions to hackathons I have participated in.

Old Games

Some games I have created for various purposes.

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